• Pennyworth Donates to Silver Spring Regional Center: Thanks to a generous donor who gave four framed and matted newspaper articles about the redevelopment of downtown Silver Spring to Pennyworth. Pennyworth donated the framed articles to the Silver Spring Regional Center, and they will hang in the town center. What a historical treasure!

Three Donated Articles

  • Pennyworth Sparkles in Time for the Earth Day Celebration: Nick Gilbert freshened up the Pennyworth Shop entryway by painting it a bright white. Marilyn Seitz added some sparkles to the paint, and now the entryway shines! Remember to come see the new store and learn more about recycling at the Pennyworth Earth Day celebration on Sunday, April 22 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm.
  • Pennyworth has a Fresh Coat of Paint: Many thanks to the giving volunteers, Nick Gilbert and Jay Dahill, who lent their time and talents to paint the Pennyworth walls, front entrance, and bathroom floor.
    Volunteer Paints Pennyworth Shop

    Volunteer Paints Pennyworth Shop

  • Pennyworth Shop Has Air Conditioning in Time for Summer: Thank you to Chris Ryder and Eric Nealley who volunteered their time to fix the air conditioning in the Pennyworth Shop. The Shop is ready for the dog days of summer so volunteers and shoppers will stay cool!
  • New Location: The Pennyworth Shop moved to a new location in November 2011. The new store is located at 949 Bonifant Street, Silver Spring, Maryland, a few storefronts down from the former store. The new store is larger, allowing for more items to be displayed and sold daily.
    Consumer Products Safety Committee Films Training Video at the Pennyworth Shop

    Consumer Products Safety Committee Films Training Video at the Pennyworth Shop

  • Pennyworth Shop Featured in Safety Video: In June 2009 the Consumer Products Safety Committee used the Pennyworth Shop to film their training video on selling safe toys.
  • Pennyworth Shop in the News: The Wall Street Journal published an article New Lead Rules May Crimp Those Thrift Store Bargains in January 2009 on new government regulations which impose stricter limits on lead allowed in children’s products. The new regulations also make it illegal for thrift stores to sell recalled products. The Pennyworth Shop manager Marilyn Seitz is featured in the article.

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